Day 355: Halloween wreath

Today I visited Coventry City Centre and went shopping for Halloween bits to up-cycle an old Christmas Wreath into a Halloween Wreath. A Halloween wreath with lights!! In truth this is a trial piece for my Christmas wreath as I want to put lights in them this year. I bought the lights and Washi tape from Poundland. I’m interested to see what they were like.


  • Copper wreath ring.
  • Skeleton Hand Hair clips.
  • Led Lights.
  • Purple glitter Spiders.
  • Pumpkin Orange tinsel.
  • Washi Tape.
  • Silicone glue.


  • Test the lights to make sure they all light up correctly.
  • Wrap a piece of washi tape on the end of the lights securing it to the wreath base.
  • Wrap all the lights around the wreath base. Leave the battery pack loose.
  • Wrap the Tinsel around the wreath making sure to pull it tightly while wrapping so it doesn’t loosen up.
  • At the end of the tinsel use the end to wrap two loop around the battery box.
  • Attach the hair clips through the tinsel end securing it in place and enabling you to remove the battery pack and change the batteries when needed.
  • Apply silicone glue to the back of the Glitter spiders and attach to the wreath.

Hints and Tips.

  • Before wrapping the tinsel around the wreath you can use string to make a spider web through the centre of the wreath.
  • If you want to break down the orange tinsel add some ribbon or miniature cauldron decorations.
Wreath with the lights turned on.

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