Day 375: Jack-o-lantern

Today I should of gone to Birmingham Comic Con but I've been ill all weekend; however after seeing one of the cosplayers costumes on social media the other week I got inspired to draw his costume. I also got permission from the Cosplayer before posting this so I could show you his amazing costume (Thanks … Continue reading Day 375: Jack-o-lantern

Day 374: Decopatch Giraffe.

Now that I am home again I am picking up my decopatch challenge again. Today I made a decopatch ATC of a Giraffe. I drew the Giraffe on Decopatch paper before attaching it to the card. I love the giraffe but my cutting skills are shockingly bad. Materials: Black Spectrum Noir permanent marker.Decopatch scrap papers.Red … Continue reading Day 374: Decopatch Giraffe.

Day 373: Organza Dress sketch.

Today I drew a simple dress outline then painted in the details using the pearlescent paint to leave a shimmer effect to look similar to Organza fabric. I layered the paints up but the bled into each other. Originally I was planning to have stripes of Blue and purple but the colours just bled too … Continue reading Day 373: Organza Dress sketch.

Day 371: Butterfly in blues.

Today I used my masking pen and drew a butterfly I then used artists Loft pearlescent watercolour paint to paint the wings and the background. I really like the pearlescent and it creates a nice two toned gradient patterned piece going from one colour to another. Materials: Pilot drawing pen.Artists loft pearlescent paint. Poppy red … Continue reading Day 371: Butterfly in blues.

Day 370: Decopatch Butterfly.

Today I used another piece of scrap decopatch paper on a canvas and made this butterfly piece. I love butterflies there is something about the patterns and the way they fly that I find inspiring and calming. Materials: Decopatch Scrap papers.Poppy red Promarker.Black Spectrum Noir Illustrator pen.Scissors.Water colour paints/inks.Decopatch Glue.Brush. Method: Draw the outline of … Continue reading Day 370: Decopatch Butterfly.

Day 370: Purple Mermaid gown.

This week I've drawn a mermaid gown on the Scrawlrbox challenge theme of Dress to the Nines. I think I went wrong with the top half of the gown as I made it a little too small. Materials: Copic Ciao Mauve Shadow BV00. Copic Ciao Blue Berry BV04. Pink glitter Pen. Multi Liner 0.3 Wine … Continue reading Day 370: Purple Mermaid gown.