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Day 288: Bottle charms.

As I’m camping and several of us are using bottled water, I’ve made some bottle charms for my bottles and given a couple away. I originally packed these to make for a friends birthday but I’m sure she’ll forgive me for making and using them straight away and making her others later. So far I’m really enjoying Insomnia and the volunteering. The community are helpful and friendly and I’m actually feeling very much like one of the team.

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Day 287: Yoshi Pixel keyring

Tomorrow is the start of Insomnia 65 and I decided to make a new Yoshi keyring. I can’t wait to go to Insomnia 65. It’s going to be amazing. Insomnia is a gaming festival at Birmingham NEC. It’s the only festival in the country where you can take your own computers and camp in the NEC halls to play video games with like minded people over the bank holiday weekend.

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Day 286: Lego Stationary Review

Today I went to Milton Keynes and visited their Lego Store. While there I also bought some new Lego and got given the promotional back to school set. Even though this is not a Lego building set its a set I feel I should review as It’s something I will be using.

The contents:

  • Pencil case.
  • Ruler
  • 2 Sticker sheets
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Notebook

The sticker sheets are on a good quality paper with a mix of mini figures and animals. There are 10 mini figure stickers that will appeal to anyone.

The ruler is a 15cm solid sturdy plastic piece with a sticker featuring 4 mini figures over it.

The paper back note/sketch book is about 11cm x 15cms. The design on the sketchbook is a mix of Lego pieces and Lego mini builds. The paper inside the book is a nice quality thick drawing paper.

The pencil is a plain HB pencil with a red Lego logo and some yellow circles all down the pencil making it look like a brick.

With the set is an eraser/rubber that is about 2cm square. It has a hole in the middle of the back to go on a pencil but I feel its too heavy for the end of a pencil. The rubber is a nice single piece. However this set doesn’t come with a sharpener. I personal would of preferred a smaller Eraser and a sharpener.
The eraser did have some damage where its rubbed or been pressed by the pencil case misshaping it.

The pencil case is approx 24 x 13 cms. The pencil case body is clear plastic with images of lego bricks and mainly transport theme mini builds. The edges of the pencil case are heat sealed (no stitches). The Zip on the top is also heat pressed and has the most adorable little 8 stud yellow brick replica for the Zip pull.


Overall with this set there are bits I like and pieces I don’t like overall tho I think the set is a nice unique item for children or adult collectors of Lego. If your going to be spending £55 on any Lego products you’ll get this set free. I wouldn’t however go and purchase Lego unless this is an item you really want. To get the item just add GB19 into the promo box.

The Note book is plain paperThe Pencil case has a strong plastic smell .
The stickers are a good size and brilliant quality.The Eraser/Rubber is too heavy.
The zip pull is awesome. No sharpener.
The pencil case is very durable.The pencil case has a lot of scuff marks and scratches.
The sketchbook has 40 pages so is a good size for notes/sketches.
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Day 285: Nectarine, Kiwi, and apple juice.

I’ve made a juice today I grabbed a mix of fruit we had lying around the fruit bowl. I used watermelon as a base fruit for the juice. What I mean by a base fruit is it’s the fruit I expect to produce the liquid (often apple and orange juice are added) the rest of the ingredients are the flavour and garnish to the drink.

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Day 284: Brusho Bookmarks.

Today I pulled out some Bookmark blanks and used some Brusho to make some different style bookmarks. I’m enjoying the Brusho jars I got from the Festival of quilts the paints are fantastic. I’m at Insomnia65 volounteering almost all of this week so the projects are going to be simple as I have limited time but fingers crossed there will be a lot of inspiration about.

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Day 283: Miniature chalkboard

I’ve made this amazing chalkboard today while watching Billy Connolly – Made in Scotland. I’ve known about Billy Connolly for years and he’s very funny and always made me smile if not laugh. I think part of the reason I’ve dreamed of seeing Scotland is him and a series I adore called Long way down with Ewan Mcgreggor and Charlie Boorman.

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